Eurasian Eagle Owl

The Eurasian Eagle owl (Bubo bubo) is the heaviest owl in the world. Females of this species can reach greater than or equal to 9.25 pounds, which is twice the weight of an adult female snowy owl, the heaviest owl in North America. The feathers on the upper portion of the owl are brown to black and yellowish brown. The back and sides of the neck exhibit a striping pattern, while the head and forehead have heavy freckling. The plumage on the back has dark patches. The outer portion of the facial disc appears framed with black-brown spotting. The tail is dark with blackish brown barring. The assemblage of the feathers allows this owl to have noiseless flight

This owl is found in North Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in many different habitats. It often lives in coniferous forests and deserts and including coniferous forests and deserts, and preferably landscapes with many rocks and open spaces. They nest on cliff edges, in cracks between rocks and in caves. They are resourceful in that they may use nests previously occupied by other birds their size. In late winter the female lays 1-4 white eggs, and while incubating, the female is brought food by her mate

They hunt during dusk and dawn, where it preys upon voles and rates, beetles, deer fawns, rabbits, birds and mice. Occasionally other smaller owls may also be a part of their diet, as well as snakes and fish.